A world brain washed by ideology.

The following is my comment on Tom MacDonald’s ‘Brainwashed’: I don’t care much for rap. But he is right virtually the whole world is brainwashed. The technical definition is that virtually all are ideologically controlled. The ideology is determined by the great majority of States at the UN. The ideology is a corruption of the Universal Declaration of Human rights creating international human rights law which is invariably reflected in national consititutions and promoted by the left so-called liberals – the woke – for the benefit of themselves and the whole establishment. People very often fail to see the connection between the UN and the major problems they face. God willing I plan to address the UN General Assembly after the coronovirus scare is over. I intend to expose the gross deceit of the UN where human rights omissions to create ideology has been concealed. It has also been concealed by the global mainsteam media and ideologically controlled academics and the human rights establishment are too terrified to discuss the UN’s human rights omissions because it will undermine the legitimacy of the UN and virtually the whole global establishment. Whereas people are too terrified of being called rascist, sexist or homophobic to speak out. In my view, the rapper is right virtually the whole world has been brainwashed. I enjoyed his rap. Tom MacDonald ‘Brainwashed’ https://lifeanddeathandallbetween.wordpress.com/2021/09/19/tom-macdonald-brainwashed/?c=28682#comment-28682

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