Saving the European Union and Russia.

Saving the European Union and Russia:

India seems to have an independent foreign policy which enables them to remain any ally of America but also import oil from Russia so why can’t the States of the European Union.
This would not negate the existence of the EU if the latter adopted ethical human rights and only held States to account if they violated the core minimum of the human rights of the Universal Declaration of Human rights i.e. such as in cases of extreme violence or extreme poverty.
Because the EU only deals with core minimum human rights it would allow States considerable sovereignty in determining higher levels of human rights and would not have to engage in cancelling Russia culture. And most importantly because some States would decide to import oil from Russia this would help ensure Russia is not totally isolated from the European Union which seems to be driven largely by America i.e the cancel culture of the woke.
This would help save the European Union from decline and also seem to lessen the likelihood of nuclear war. Also, ethical human rights being based on universal human rights truth it would add a spiritual dimension to the EU because human rights would be for all which reflects the soul rather than strongly favouring elites which is the case under neoliberalism which prioritizes collectives over individual rights which the Universal Declaration of Human Rights is meant to emphasize.
Also, neoliberalism uses social class discrimination to crush the potential of the independent people creating a more intellectually backward tribal society. The latter is most explicitly seen with Maori tribalism which discriminates on the ground of birth (whakapapa) creating many social outcasts. In my view, New Zealanders fear being call racist so do not criticise Maori culture (whereas I do not care see my blog and book, which is free, in sections, on my blog,

Both the UN and America crush the potential of those low on the social scale ensuring violent responses.

Both the UN and America crush the potential of those low on the social scale ensuring violent responses.

America, in my view, is a disaster waiting to happen. I arrived in New York one month ago. My aim was to address the United Nations General Assembly and promote ethical human rights which is firmly based on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and unlike the ideology, I call Neoliberal Absolutism, created at the UN on 10 Dec 2008, contains no human rights omissions. I doubt I would have travelled to New York if my book was not very seriously suppressed globally. I consider it contained extremely important information that government did not want the people to know about.

As shown in the chapter on the UN in my book (provided for free on my blog, the human rights omissions, determined by the great majority of the States in the general assembly, enabled the crushing of the potential of those low on the social scale. But my aim to address the UN General Assembly could take a long time to achieve. No one within the UN was prepared to meet with me and security officers abound ensuring no entry to the UN or associated organizations. All I could do was sit outside the UN with my book on display.

It was during that time that America suffered some of its worse acts of mass violence. (‘22 weeks into the year, America has already seen at least 246 mass shootings’, 5 June, Safeed Ahmed). I believed I could help because I saw that America is using social class discrimination (described in my book) was, like the UN, also engaged in crushing the potential of those low on the social scale. I considered that when those individuals saw that the American Dream was not meant for them they would get extremely angry and respond with violence targeting those they saw as standing in their way from improving themselves. This could be blacks, whites, Chinese, Jews or others. In the case of the shooting of school children it was the targeting those society held most precious.

The focus of a solution, (mainly by the Democrats but seemingly supported by many Republicans) to the violence is gun control. One of the leaders of the latter solution is the black Major Eric Adams of New York City who wanted federal help to fight gun violence.   

I made contact with the Jewish synagogue in New York hoping to discuss social class discrimination with the Rabbi but they would not talk with me. American civil liberties would not talk with me. Even the National Rifle Association who you would expect to oppose gun control and want to protect the constitution would not talk to me. I even approached the New York police department but they would not talk to me. I concluded they were all operating from a political script which they would not deviate from.  

The political scrip, in my view, was devised to keep the truth i.e. social class discrimination and the human rights omissions of the UN, hidden from the American people.

Recently Joe Biden, President of the United States, stated: ‘There’s going to be a New World Order’ and he wants America to lead it (Biden says ‘new world order’ is coming and ‘America must lead it’, American Military News, March 1, 2022.

For him, in my view, the ends justify the means even if requires a limited form of gun control and the killing of more school children. He wants to remain ‘in sync’ with the UN’s ideology (Neoliberal Absolutism) which aims to crush the potential of those low on the social scale so America can lead the new world order.

I tried for two years to get Donald Trump to tell Americans about my book but he didn’t. It is clear to me that he is not prepared to jeopardise America’s chance of leading the new world order.

Those low on the social scale I did get the opportunity to talk to about social class discrimination and how their potential is being crushed understood very well what I was saying. But the establishment say nothing except when I made a stand on principle and appeared in the Auckland High Court and told the presiding judge that those at the bottom were crushed and isolated. He agreed with me (see chapter on New Zealand on my blog).

Because America refuses to address the real cause of the violence it is very likely to continue.

Biden (leader of the woke) wants America to lead a new world order.

According to Joe Biden, President of the United States ‘ There’s Going to Be a New World Order’ and he wants America to lead it Biden: ‘There’s Going To Be A New World Order’.

My book describes the ideology of what would be the New World Order (see the chapter on the United Nations, free on my blog). I call it neoliberal absolutism. It is an ideology because it omits many human rights designed to seriously limit creativity which would determine the decline of western culture resulting in a decline of global freedom. The human rights omissions were determined by the great majority of States at the United Nations wanting globalization, totalitarian control over their countries and keeping their populations backward. By far the major opposition to neoliberal absolutism at the UN was America. The latter allowed Trump to oppose globalization and emphasise sovereignty, the constitution and patriotism..However, in my view, the democrats followed neoliberal absolutism aiming to destroy American freedom. They are called the ‘woke’ a culture promoted by the deep State and permeating the institutions and corporations within the country. The woke dominate western countries e.g. Great Britain, Canada, New Zealand and are determing the decline of the West. However with respect to America if Trump wins the next election he is likely to reverse this process. I consider the reason the woke are allowed to dominate, including by Trump, is because they follow neoliberal absolutism and aim to preside over the new world order. 

Ukraine/Russia: I consider the problem is essentially ideological.

My latest post: Ukraine/Russia: I think the problem is essentially ideological. As my book (free on my blog) shows a new globally dominant ideology, I call Neoliberal Absolutism, was ceated at the United Nations on 10 Dec 2008. This would have been the ideology for a One World Government. It promotes globalization. I show that the global elites wanted totalitarian control over their countries. By contrast the ethical human rights I promote is not ideological (which has human rights omissions to favor elites) but rather firmly based on universal human rights truth as in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Ethical human rights emphasizes sovereignty and unlike the globalists emphasises patriotism. In my view, the latter is Putin’s position so is hated by the globalists.

Time to eliminate affirmative action.

I think there is a simple solution to many of New Zealand’s (and the world’s) problems. Affirmative action for ‘victims’ needs to be eliminated and only the best and brightest chosen. At present the ruling class, executing woke policies, consist mainly of women and feminists and Maori who are unable to challenge their own elite and blindly follow woke policies using social class discrimination (and in the case of Maori discrimination on the grounds of whakapapa or birth). Both target the most intelligent creating social outcasts. In my long experience the establishment enures that such intelligent individuals are barred from being able to properly communicate their views to people at large. My book describes this in much greater detail. I have provided my book for free (in sections) on my blog, Also I suggest you read my article published by Indian Newlink – see internet, ‘Human rights violations will spell the decline of the west’. I am informed by Jacinda Ardern’s secretary that the PM has read it. It was the only news outlet in the establishment with the courage to publish any of my work despite it being very rare for a NZer to have had two books published in America. But it does not seem fit for domestic consumption. It took two and a half years before by latest book was accepted by NZ libraries and then only one hard to find copy.

Freedom is more important than safety.

Freedom is more important than safety. Jair Bolsonaro, Prime Minister of Brazil, seems to believe that people should not be forced to take the vaccine and that this freedom of choice is more important than safety. Amongst world leaders Bolsonaro certainly appears to be extremely isolated in his views. In my view, world leaders are following the new globally dominant ideology, Neoliberal Absolutism, created at the UN on 10 Dec 2008 but which the global mainstream media did not report. Under Neoliberal Absolutism control is more important than freedom. In my book which I have provided for free (in sections) on my blog I describe the creation of Neoliberal Absolutism and the enormous effect it is having on the world. My research is verifiable and I provide sources.

America is intellectually backward – I consider Liberals are following the UN’s Neoliberal Absolutism so are traitorous.

America is intellectually backward! My comment on a video, ‘Greenward explains how America’s New ‘War on Terror’ targets own citizens’: I am a human rights author (2 books), activist and outsider (30yrs) from Auckland, New Zealand. In my view, America is intellectually backward. While I am very impressed with Glenn Greenwald I just cannot understand how Americans fail to see that the liberals (and woke) are following the great majority of the States at the UN which opposed America’s very strong opposition to what I call in my book, Neoliberal Absolutism (Ethical human rights: Freedom’s Great Hope – American Academic Press 2017 which I provide for free on my blog).This occurred on 10 Dec 2008 at the UN but which the global mainstream media failed to report. Neoliberal Absolutism is obviously the ideology for a One World Government. America exerised American exceptionalism by their strong opposiion to Neoliberal Absolutism which aims to eliminate creativity to see the decline of the West and global freedom. In my view, the liberals are following Neoliberal Absolutism so I regard them as traitorous.Also I show how Neoliberal Absolutism was the real cause of the Global Financial Crisis (2008). My book has been shockingly suppressed but once Americans understand the ideology the liberals are following what is happening becomes far more understandable.

Ignorance is the problem.

My comment on ‘ How Does No One See What’s Happening (Max Igan): Yes the problem is ignorance. Take the money – generalizing – people just cannot see that the reason there is such a huge gap between rich and poor is because the rules permit it – the real questions people have to ask is who makes the rules and what are the rules? Take two – neoliberalism and globalization (there is also another neoliberal absolutism, not reported, but described in my book). Virtually the whole establishment obeys these rules and it is in their interests to promote them to such an extent that democracy is nullified e.g. Brexit took many years because the establishment were against it. These ideologies involve human rights omissions which aim to destroy creativity e.g. the abiltiy to think for oneself i.e.totalitarian control. Understand ideology (see my book) and you will see the human rights omissions that need to be included to solve our problems. Unfortunately people put this into the too hard basket but I have an answer if you make the effort and read my blog – my book is free (in sections) on my blog,,

I am not religious but I obey the will of God.

I made the following comment on posts to my Facebook page by Africans which I cannot remove: I am not religious but I obey the will of God. I believe in ethical human rights which unlike ideologies such as neoliberalism, globalization and neoliberal absolutism (see my book for free on my blog) has no human rights omissions. The latter omissions strongly favor elites but in my personal view God is universal i.e. for all, not just for elites. Ethical human rights is firmly based on the Universal Human Rights Declaration i.e. it is not an ideology but rather is ‘for all’ and based on universal human rights truth. The chapter on Bangladesh in my book shows how ethical human rights equates with the Golden Rule (‘do unto others as you would have them do unto you’) which all the major religions espouse. But I simply do not understand enough about the major religions to present myself as an authority on the subject but I can talk about myself. Some individuals may grasp what I am saying. According to the Pew Research Center of US adults 27% regard themselves as spiritual but not religious. It seems in New Zealand it is 20%. If anyone wants to hear more they can ring me, ph (09) 9409658 (my Facebook ‘phone’ does not seem to be working).