Upside Down World.

Upside Down World. My post on a German website: Because ‘they’are obsessed with power. They seek absolute control so need a very fearful population. People often do not realize it but the world has been turned on its head – the stupid are in control and exploit the intelligent. It all stems from the UN which gives the collectives dominance over the independent people (whereas the UDHR emphasizes the individual). The individuals within collectives are controlled by loyalty and ideology so are incapable of thinking for themselves. Thinking for oneself involves enormous effort so people join collectives so they can focus on power/money. They invariably add nothing to the world and get any new ideas often for nothing from the independent people. Because what they believe in is not universal i.e. for all, they have compromised their souls and are virtually all ‘dead people’. Invariably,, despite being their choice they blame the independent people for losing their soul. They, in my view, are to be pitied.

Capitalism greatly distorted by ideology.

My comment on NZ Political Forum: Look capitalism does not mean a great deal to me but if people cannot see that ideology i.e. neoliberalism/globalization, has greatly distorted capitalism then they are plain stupid. Of course, the far greater emphasis on the global rather than domestic freemarket would have an enormous effect while neoliberalism aims to eliminate individual self-determination i.e. the seeking of truth, hopes and dreams – the latter is the engine room of capitalism where so many genius ideas are born. I get so tired of talking to stupid people!!!

Low cunning and gross deceit in the creation of the NZ bill of rights act 1990.

Posted on Spiritual Renaissance New Zealand Unleashed: The NZ bill of rights act 1990 is being cited more frequently on NZ sites. In my book I did an analysis of the bill. It describes the hijacking of the bill. It states that ‘the bill of rights was passed by only 36% of parliament and that the bill of rights was ‘by and for’ a left minority all of them Labor MPs’. I describe how the bill contained less than half the human rights in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and how it reflected a UN Agenda which determined the decline of western civilization and global freedom. I show how the bill was driven by the bureaucrats from behind closed doors (I witnessed the creation of the latter deep State when working for the Justice Department in 1984) such that if your human rights were omitted you were overlooked, for example, children’s and family rights were omitted. It also resulted in discrimination against intelligent white males leading to the mass exodus of the best and brightest from the country. I hold Sir Geoffrey Palmer (PM at the time and architect of the bill) and Helen Clark (deputy PM at the time) to account. I describe their low cunning and gross deceit and strongly believe I proved it. I also made a stand on principle and appeared in the Auckland High Court where I described how many New Zealanders were discriminated against on the grounds of social class leaving them crushed and isolated. High Court Judge, Lynn Stevens, agreed with me asking why I did not inform New Zealand earlier. In my view, a number of the best and brightest who did not escape the country often ended up in the mental health and criminal justice systems. I also propose an ethical bill of rights which would ensure no human rights omissions. I consider it would also be a great value to Maori social outcasts if a Maori brave enough to challenge their elite appeared. Also ethical human rights would replace the New World Order which, in my view, is driving the UN Agenda. And because ethical human rights are universal i.e. for all, those on this site may see how this also reflects the soul. In my view, this would mean that people would not have to compromise their souls for the sake of ideology resulting in ‘dead people’.

Today’s world – all explained by human rights.

Ethical human rights provide a simple explanation for what is taking place. It simply requires people to see that it is the rules that permit the 1% to have such excessive wealth. And my book shows that the rules are human rights whose manipulation by the UN is all that is needed to know to explain what is happening. It is the great majority of States at the UN that manipulate human rights in their own interest to oppress the majority of their populations.

Why America hates economic, social and cultural rights.

Why America hates economic, social, and cultural rights.There is a reason why America is so opposed to the economic, social and cultural rights promoted by Bernie Sanders. In my view, it is because the great majority of States at the UN cannot be trusted to interpret it properly. They will turn it into an authoritarianism which a number of socialist countries are known for.

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights consists of two sets of rights – civil and political rights (akin to the American constitution) e.g. freedom of speech, and economic, social and cultural rights e.g. the rights to education, health, accommodation etc.

Apart from my book the following has been hidden from humanity. On the 10 Dec 2008 the UN excluded a number of human rights to create a new globally dominant ideology which I call neoliberal absolutism and which I now see as the ideology for a New World Order or One World Government (this was not reported by the global mainstream media but is detailed in full in my last book. It is verifiable with sources). I have written about it often since my book was published in early 2017 but I lack the authority to make an impact.

America was the major opposition to neoliberal absolutism on 10 Dec 2008 although had some support from the American Camp, Canada, Britain, Australia and Japan . American exceptionalism virtually saved the world from enormous compliance with the NWO which requires nearly all States to have a form of totalitarianism.Neoliberal absolutism rebalanced global ideological and economic power from the West to the Rest. I also show it was the real cause of the GFC2008 which in my opinion will be ongoing. It is promoted by the left so-called liberals (Democrats in US Labour Party in NZ) in the form of neoliberalism and globalization. Right wing politic could do much to expose them but do not largely, in my view, because the corporations benefit.

Unlike nearly all States America has not ratified the covenant on economic, social, and cultural rights in my view for fear that the great majority of States will turn it into a form of authoritarianism not uncommon amongst socialist states. America, in my view, considers it safer not to ratify the covenant on economic, social and cultural rights because the great majority of States cannot be trusted to interpret it properly and even because a Democratically led America cannot be trusted.

It is not surprising that the ethical human rights I promote received the support on the internet of the American State Department, the Open Democracy Initiative of the White House and others even including the UN itself (again the mainstream media refused to report it). Ethical human rights are firmly based on universal human rights truth as in the UDHR and unlike neoliberal absolutism has no human rights omissions so there is no fear of an authoritarian socialism. Although Bernie Sanders democratic socialism would also help guard against an authoritarian socialism.

Ethical human rights require States to ensure, at least, all the core minimum of all the human rights in the UDHR. Individual States can provide higher levels of human rights according to their means. I think America would support ethical human rights but cannot trust the UN.

Because there is no question of an authoritarian government being created and because only the core minimum of economic, social and cultural rights are to be ensured it would not be an undue burden on the State. Consequently I would not call economic, social and cultural rights socialism rather I call it an enlightened welfare particularly necessary in times of depression or the present coronavirus.

Where Bernie Sanders and President Trump both go wrong in my view is their emphasis on the working class. While I have little doubt that the latter were regarded as deplorables and discriminated against on the grounds of social class. However, in my view, all the collectives combine in some degree to oppress the independent people. What I consider America should be focused on are potential superheroes who can forge new paths into the future. It is the latter which led to the dominance of western civilization (see my post ‘Become backward or take society forward’, on my bog, ). What my book shows very clearly is that it is the aim of the UN to oversee the decline of western civilization and global freedom by excluding a number of human rights. For example, it omitted individual self-determination i.e. the seeking of truth, hopes and dreams (sometimes described as the iconic American superhero). Also it failed to ensure the prohibition of social class discrimination. And to destroy the then dominant white male elite required the removal of meritocracy with intelligent white males replaced by giving affirmative action to those regarded as victims i.e. blacks, women and gays. The removal of intelligent whites helped ensure that government policies were not challenged by individuals who had a strong belief in western culture. Furthermore, affirmative action only applied at the professional level while women, blacks and gays lower on the social scale, who would have suffered the most from historic discrimination, were omitted by being discriminated against on the grounds of social class.But the non-inclusion of children as victims exposes the real intent to exclude intelligent white males. Children are genuine victims because they have virtually no choice in their poverty and abuse. In addition, they cannot help themselves by voting or giving donations to political parties.I lack the authority to impress upon people the enormous effect of social class discrimination. It should not be surprising that poor blacks gain much police attention as do the poor in general. It should not be surprising that the ongoing riots often involve looting and stealing from businesses. And it should not be surprising that blacks are well overrepresented in the prison population. But what is surprising is the incredible lack of intellect that exists. Nearly all academics are ideologically controlled while often those that do speak out are sporting figures and celebrities not known for their intellect. While, in my view, ‘black lives matter’ are driven by self-interest not truth.

In my book I describe the omission of individual self-determination and how such individuals wanting to be masters of their own destiny require both sufficient self-help rights i.e. civil and political rights and sufficient survival rights i.e. economic, social and cultural rights or an enlightened welfare.

My book, ‘Ethical Human Rights: Freedom’s Great Hope’ while published in America (American Academic Press 2017) to my knowledge is in no American library. It has been severely suppressed and neither Donald Trump or Bernie Sanders will inform Americans of its existence. It describes the above in much greater detail. America, for all its faults, as leader of the free world remains the hope of billions on the planet.