The battle within helps you prepare for the battle without.

Comments on Schizophrenia Support Group:

  • Anthony RavlichAnthony Ravlich In my view, the above is so true. It is why I have been beside myself trying to tell people that the right to individual self-determination has been omitted in international human rights law and invariably in national constitutions. But what can I say ordinary people do not know what I am talking about while academics are under strict control to say nothing. What is individual self-determination? It is the ability to seek truth hopes and dreams sometimes depicted by the American superhero e.g. Steve Jobs would be one..The UN’s OWG or NWO wants to rid the world of geniuses who pose a threat to the UN’s wish for absolute control. Depriving individuals of the ability to think and speak for themselves means there will be very little progress – the world will eventually come to a halt. I imagine in the case of Africa given that I am aware of how their leaders voted at the UN that blacks are prevented from thinking for themselves so have to resort to begging other countries. We are now living in countries where dreams are suppressed and consequently are unable to reach their full potential. What a terrible indictment on humanity!!!’Can I ask you Joseph Igomene or anyone else do you have any ideas as to what can be done about this situation? My book has been severely suppressed and no one will discuss it with me yet my work is verifiable and I provide sources.
    • Joseph Igomene I hear your concern, Anthony Ravlich, with respect to Self-determination. Yet, outside of freedom of speech, freedom of religion, abided by the Constitution what more can one ask for when it comes to self-determination? Where you said, “Depriving individuals of the ability to think and speak for themselves means there will be very little progress – the world will eventually come to a halt. ” Who you talking about? I’m guessing “peers,” people experiencing emotional recovery, spiritually? If so, I’d say this is more a personal challenge for each one us and it’s a matter of joining a movement where peers are helping peers.
    • Anthony Ravlich Saving one’s own soul is of course the priority. I repeat my beliefs to myself constantly. But people need to be informed of the gross human rights malpractice at the UN which seems to be in conformity with Agendas 21/30. I describe how an ‘evil’ ideology, neoliberal absolutism, was created at the UN on 10 Dec 2008. It rebalanced global ideological and economic power from the West to the Rest as well as being the real cause of the GFC 2008. It failed to protect against exploitation meaning the Corporations could relocate to countries with cheap labor without fear of exploitation being prohibited. It also gave Asian countries particularly China the ability to exploit a vast workforce and gain the considerable competitive advantage over the West. But it is not just the west global freedom itself is seriously threaten i.e. civilization itself. Yet all this is ignored – it was not reported by the global mainstream media. I need to find some brave academics to inform people. I have been kept isolated since I began promoting human rights in 1991 so although I have written two books I am a virtual nobody. The ethical human rights I promote will eliminate neoliberalism, globalization and neoliberal absolutism. It strongly favors sovereignty and so eliminates the UN’s OWG or NWO.. After gaining some remarkable support on the internet the mainstream media have refused to inform people. I regard neoliberal absolutism which will ensure a form of totalitarianism in all countries as ‘evil’ While prioritizing my own soul I have had to come to terms with this virtually completely alone but I am sure that somewhere out there there is an academic brave enough to confirm my research findings but anyone with some authority would be a great help.
    • Anthony Ravlich PS. In my earlier life the inner battle I engaged in at the profound level (which many on this page are engaged in) helped me considerably in the real- life battle which was to come

The Fake Left Liberals are a social class.

My comment on Yellow Jackets World Awakening NZ Branch: It is what I have been trying to tell NZers for many years without success. What took over in 1984 was a left social class (you would have heard of the class system in the UK). It is a social class which discriminates on the grounds of social class which has resulted in many of the problems we face. It is this social class which promotes the UN OWG or NWO agenda with the considerable support of right wing politics. The present Labor Party is very different from previous Labor Parties. For example, the present fake left liberals promote collective thinking and expression (the fake media being their voice). By contrast Labor Parties prior to 1984 were true liberals promoting individual freedom of thought, conscience and expression. The collectivism of the present Labor Party is seen by an increasing number as being akin to communism and they are often like-minded with totalitarian and repressive States.

War ?

My comment on the video,’ Áustralia sharpening its teeth to be ready for communist China’, I could not agree more with Aust PM Scott Morrison who compares today’s world with the 1930s just prior to the second world. As then we are seeing the rise of totalitarianism. I believe there is a way of avoiding war but despite enormous attempts on my part western States seem to find it too hard. My book recommends that the west boycott the UN until it includes the many human rights omissions which result in the promotion of totalitarian and repressive States. If they do not have the courage to boycott the UN then they should address who I consider to be their worst enemy which is within – the left fake liberals which I consider is promoting the UN agenda which aims to destroy western culture to permit the rise of totalitarianism which would be compatible with the UN’s OWG or NWO agenda. I consider the fake left-liberals discriminate on the grounds of social class and the prohibition of social class discrimination would greatly reduce their power.

Leave me out of this human rights group.

My comment on a group of 84 formed by prominent human rights activist Shulamith Koenig who once told me she believed every word I said: Please leave me out of this group. I am not one of you. I can relate because I pity you not hate you but I choose who my friends are. I believe in universal human rights truth as in the UDHR and you do not. In my recent book (and do not buy it because you could not accept my research findings) I ‘prove’ the creation of a new globally dominant ideology (surely for a OWG or NWO) at the UN on 10 Dec 2008. I regard it as évil’because people would not be able to think for themselves or even have a conscience of their own. So it is not surprising the UN is promoting totalitarian and repressive States. So I disagree with your ‘leader’Shulamith Koenig that you are good people. Abject obedience to that which is evil does not make you good. You have virtually no hope of escape from your social prisons. However I do have some hope in future generations who can fight for ethical human rights and rid the world of the OWG or NWO as well as neoliberalism, globalization and neoliberal absolutism all of which require many human rights omissions.

The spiritual war between good and evil is very easy for me to see.

The spiritual war between good and evil. It is very easy for me to see how evil can take over. In my book, I ‘prove’ the creation of an evil ideology at the UN on 10 Dec 2008. I call it neoliberal absolutism and consider it as evil because people would not be able to think for themselves or even have a conscience of their own. What they want is robots in future totalitarian States. My work is verifiable with sources yet the global mainstream media refused to report it. Its effects were enormous: it majorly rebalanced global ideological and economic power from the West to the Rest as well as being the real cause of the GFC 2008 which impacted by far the worse on the EU. To my utter amazement since the book was published in early 2017 I could find no academic in the world prepared to discuss it. The book has been severely suppressed. Given such phenomenal ideological control over academics and politicians, I keep trying to inform people but after 30 years of virtual silence, ordinary people refuse to discuss it. So I can just repeat that it is very easy for me to see how evil can take over. It is control versus freedom. We are, in my view, in a spiritual war between good and evil.

Peaceful slaves and evil genius.

Peaceful slaves and evil genius. My post on Radical Philosophy: In my book I describe how Helen Clark focused on achieving a peaceful society, Safety was all the rage and seems to get much female support. NZ rose to be one of the most peaceful societies in the world. But the cost was enormous. Helen Clark’s thinking was that by ensuring sufficient food and accommodation but crushing potential peace could be achieved. The crushing of potential also required the elimination of the then socially dominant group largely intelligent, white males from western culture. This was achieved by providing affirmative action i.e. preferential treatment, for those considered to have been previously oppressed e.g. women and Maori..The latter meant that intelligent, white males could be excluded i.e.the expression of truth would likely alert the masses to what was going on. There was a mass exodus of intelligent, white males overseas leaving, in my opinion, a less than mediocre professional sector. Rather the affirmative action should have gone to women and Maori lower on the social scale who surely would have suffered the most from historical discrimination. What, in my view, Helen Clark really wanted was a more obedient professional sector who would not challenge government policies.Many males unable to reach their full potential resorted to drugs and alcohol. Many who did not escape overseas often ended up in the mental health and criminal justice systems. Helen Clark and Sir Geoffrey Palmer, I describe their low cunning and gross deceit, achieved the crushing of the potential of the nation using the NZ bill of rights act 1990 which allowed for affirmative action and social class discrimination allowing the fake liberals in the media to exclude the voices of the oppressed. I show how the bill of rights was driven by bureaucrats (the deep State, I witnessed its creation) behind closed door so if your human rights were excluded you were overlooked. Those that suffered considerably from the latter where children and families whose rights were not included. A major omission, in my view, was the right to individual self-determination i.e. the seeking of truth, hopes and dreams (sometimes depicted by the iconic America superhero, a superhero because he can forge new paths into the future) , My book has been severely suppressed but a copy can be found in the Birkenhead library but also selling on Amazon and Google Books. I have sought to debate the above with female academics without success while the men hide behind the women’s skirts.My research findings are verifiable with sources provided, my blog, is https:// I am prepared to debate this with any female academic but I am very sure none will.