Ethical human rights will enable the individual, State and World to achieve greatness. I think I can help people achieve greatness. My work shows that people’s potential is crushed by the United Nation’s human rights omissions in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Ethical human rights is firmly based on the UDHR and has no human rights omissions. I hope to write more on the subject of greatness. At present I am cut off from Facebook and Linkedin while I am deluged by unwanted pop ups which makes using the internet almost impossible. When I wrote my books I did not have to face such virtually impossible hurdles. I very much doubt I could write a book now. Big Tech now seems to be following the ‘ evil’ ideology, Neoliberal Absolutism’ created at the UN on 10 Dec 2008 and described in full in my book which I have provided for free (in sections) on this blog.

My ability to communicate has been all but cancelled on the internet.

The cancel culture of the internet is reducing the latter to junk status. Freedom of speech on the internet was very largely all that made the internet worthwhile. I wrote two books during that period. I would find writing a book today virtually impossible. My ability to communicate on the internet has now been drastically cut. Luckily I have written my books which expose the human rights truth and how omissions have determined the decline of the west and global freedom. My previous post also describes a plan to address the UN General Assembly and ‘ lighting a fire’ by promoting ethical human rights which is firmly based on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and has no human rights omissions. While I will exercise my duty to inform people of important human rights truth it will be far less often.

Many so-called left liberals create a stupid population.

My post on Sang Ba The Huge game Changer in 2022: In my view, the reason why people feel nothing is happening is because they see no accountability. People fail to see that many on the left are driven by hate and vindictiveness not justice. Although they will try to conceal the latter by ‘looking good’ e.g. misuse of finances to appear ‘ kind’ . Because of the left’s viciousness many on the right are terrified of the left – even Trump did not lock up Hillary Clinton. Many ordinary people fail to see that many on the left are, in my view, about the lowest form of life on the planet because virtually all that matters to them is the destruction of the minds and souls of the people. The left will get its greatest support from such a stupid population. The latter is why, belatedly, America is really struggling to seek the truth to increase the intelligence of the people. Even though America may dominate the world militarily and economically a stupid population can bring it to its knees. I consider the latter is something New Zealand needs to realize.

“Lighting a Fire” at the UN.

‘ Lighting a fire’:

I have a plan (God permitting) to save civilization which, in my view, is most likely to be lost due to lack of interest. People seem obsessed with their immediate interests without any consideration for future generations, the country as a whole or civilization itself.

I cannot say what I exactly have in mind but my recent emails may give you some idea. I very much doubt I will get any replies to the emails:

Dear Chloe Swarbrick (MP Auckland Central),initially because I am in your Central electorate I tried to contact you but because it involved human rights your office told me to contact Golriz Ghahman. However because of my experience in New Zealand (and because I doubt the intellect exists here) I am by no means sure I will get a reply. While I very much doubt I will get any assistance from NZ I want just to give NZ the opportunity to do so. This may mean just listening to me for about 10 minutes. You would not need to say anything. The following is my email to Golriz Ghahman: I am slowly being excluded from using the internet so I am sorry if the following is not very clear.

Dear Golriz Ghahraman (Green Party Human Rights spokesperson),I have been redirected to you by the office of Chloe Swarbrick because it is a human rights matter. I am a human rights author, activist and outsider (30yrs) from Auckland. I understand you occasionally come to Auckland. If so I would like to meet with you. My last book is called ‘ Ethical human rights: Freedom’s Great Hope’ (American Academic Press 2017). I have provided it (in sections) for free on my blog, Because I very strongly believe I found the human rights truth I want to address the UN General Assembly to present the ethical approach to human rights I promote. At present international human rights law which is meant to reflect the UDHR has many human rights omissions which determine western civilization and global freedom for decline. In my view, the latter also determines civilization itself for decline.

Ethical human rights have no omissions. I am able to travel to New York myself, coronovirus permitting, but I will need assistance to address the UN General Assembly. I hope to ‘ light a fire’. I feel I should permit New Zealand the opportunity to provide such assistance as my books on ethical human rights were written here. I would like to meet with you in Auckland to discuss this. If you like you can just sit, for say ten minutes, and say nothing. I just want to give NZ the opportunity to do something I consider to be of enormous benefit for humanity. Thankyou,

Dear Sergei Glagolev (Russian Embassy),I would like ‘to light a fire’ at the United Nations by introducing the ethical human rights I promote. I can travel to New York myself but I would like Russia’s assistance to give a talk to the UN General Assembly.Unlike international human rights law ethical human rights has no human rights omissions. Also contrary to the ideology for a One World Government described in my book (I have provided my book for free on my blog – read chapter on the United Nations) which promotes totalitarianism ethical human rights emphasizes sovereignty.It is of great concern to me that international human rights law aims to eliminate genius in the world with a grave detrimental consequence for civilization. In my personal view it also aims to eliminate God who I regard as the creative force (genius) within. My blog is, , I hope to hear from you,Anthony Ravlich MA, BSc, Dip Crim (Hons),Human Rights Author (two books), activist and outsider (30yrs)Chairperson (Human Rights Council New Zealand),10D/15 City Rd., Auckland City.Ph: (09) 940.9658, mob 0226986063

Silence aims to destroy civilization.

My comment on a reaction to the Sound of Silence by Disturbed: People are lucky that certain individuals stick with their universal beliefs (soul) and experience the dark side of what is happening in society. Most seemed blissfully ignorant that they were engaged in the destruction of western culture and because it was about global freedom the destruction of civilization itself. Now we are seeing society divided into two camps neither understanding what the other is saying. But those that traveled the least traveled path can now help to mend the divide. I enjoyed your interpretation of the song – it is obvious to me you are very insightful and very intelligent and will learn from the song which I consider a true reflection of reality. A lesson: love of money (neon gods) can destroy a civilization.

Countering the Dumbing Down of the West.

My comment on ‘The Dumbing Down of the World’ (Joyce Bowen Blog): My recent book (free on my blog, describes the dumbing down of NZ with the best and the brightest purged from the country. It shows that what the UN wants is a One World Government which requires States to be subjected to a form of totalitarian control which aims to destroy the seeking of truth and creativity to be replaced by obedience. So for the UN the enemy is freedom traditionally promoted mainly by the West. Globalization is meant to replace sovereignty and western culture.So in my view the logical thing to do in the West is to provide courses teaching western values e.g. freedom of thought, conscience and expression. Libraries are often freely available and is a place where people can find what interests them and become a seeker of truth and perhaps eventually become an expert in their field and provide creative solutions to problems. The UN wants to destroy your soul. This is evidenced over the past 30 years with enormous numbers fearful of speaking out. In my view, it is our job to retain our soul for ourselves and future generations.

Fact Checkers are B.S!!! OWG is not a conspiracy theory!

The UN and the Fact Checkers who claim the OWG is just a conspiracy theory are just B.S!!! United Nation’s Agenda 21/2030, Promote One World Government has been Fact Checked by logically as FALSE. Expect them to try to convince you that you are a conspiracy theorist if you say otherwise.

If they have the guts (which, in my view, they haven’t!) they could Fact Check my book which shows that the UN promotes a OWG (I have provided my book for free on my blog, https:/ I show how on the 10 Dec 2008 the UN created a new globally dominant ideology I call neoliberal absolutism which is obviously the ideology for OWG. I regard neoliberal absolutism as evil because people would not be able to think for themselves or even have a conscience of their own Neoliberal absolutism is reflected in international human rights law which in turn is reflected in numerous constitutions preparing populations for a form of totalitarianism required under OWG.

In addition, Fact Checking, supported by a grant from Facebook, claims that ‘there is no evidence that the U.N. will establish “öne world government” along with associated implications, such as a single military and currency” (see Fact Check: UN Agenda 21/2030 ‘New World Order is not a real document, Chelsey Cox USA Today, July 23, 2020)It states that Daniela Gross, a spokesperson for the U.N. Secretary General that the OWG claim is fabricated. “No, this is false. This is not a genuine UN document,” Gross wrote.

Fact Checkers, citing a number of sources, rate the OWG claim as FALSE stating:We rate this claim FALSE because it is not supported by our research. A claim suggesting the UN’s Agenda 21 and the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development will establish “one world government” has been debunked by experts. A representative from the UN said that the agenda is not a genuine agency document.

However, it cannot prove my book wrong. Because the human rights omissions in international human rights law which creates the ideology for a OWG cannot be proved as false because it is plainly obvious to anyone by comparing the Universal Declaration of Human Rights with international human rights law where the human rights omissions are plainly obvious to anyone who bothers to check.

Virtually all our major problems stem from the UN but the world is too terrified to talk about it.

Talk/Discussion: The human rights truth will set you free. Wednesday, 2.30pm, 28th April, Old Government House, Auckland University. Anthony Ravlich MA, BSc, Dip Crim (Hons)Human rights author (two books), activist and outsider (28yrs)Chairperson, Human Rights Council (New Zealand)Ph: (09) 9409658

The human rights truth will almost certainly set you free but it is not at all clear that New Zealand wants to be free. My book describes that of the Anglo-countries in the Five Eyes Alliance New Zealand is most likely to become totalitarian.In the past week according to the Guardian ‘ New Zealand’s stance on China has deep implications for the Five Eyes Alliance’,…/new-zealands-stance-on…. NZ opted out of joining Five Eye declarations condemning China’s abuse of the Uyghur minority in Xinjiang. New Zealand’s stance surprised me. I did not think it would break ranks with traditional allies, in particular, further distancing itself from Australia after recent differences.The human rights truth is described in my second book, ‘Ethical Human rights: Freedom’s Great Hope’ (American Academic Press, 2017).

My book was greeted with an overwhelming silence by global leadership, ideologically captured academics, an utterly corrupted mainstream media and a fear ridden, timid, population who have been dumbed down and unable to defend itself. People fail to see that my book is being ignored because it is seen as a major threat to the UN’s New World Order.My book has been severely suppressed but I have provided it (in sections) for free on my blog for the rare few brave enough to read it,

To some extent all the above groups are complicit in undermining western culture by targeting its historical main defenders, intelligent white males including genius, for exclusion and exploitation. They were excluded by ensuring affirmative action (see the NZ Bill of Rights Act 1990) for so-called victims e.g women and blacks/Maori in NZ, who replaced intelligent whites most of whom fled overseas leaving New Zealand largely defenseless against governments seeking absolute control over the population.

My book shows that many of the worst problems being faced by humanity stem from human rights omissions in international human rights law which is meant to reflect the Universal Declaration of Human Rights i.e in finding a solution to our problems people need look no further than human rights although coronavirus is an exception but no doubt the control exercised is also motivated by the UN’s planned totalitarian countries.In my view, many of the dissenters waste their time seeking causes of many of our major problems other than the human rights omissions. For example, people often blame the 1% but fail to realize we live in a world of rules which invariably stem from human rights. The 1% can make more money because the rules permit it but people fail to ask the most important question – who makes the rules? In addition, capitalism is under attack but the anti-capitalists fail to recognize that the rules i.e. neoliberalism and globalization which involve human rights omissions, have grossly distorted capitalism. For example, the emphasis on the global rather than the domestic free market led to an emphasis on the corporations while small/medium business was suppressed. In my book I describe the latter suppression in three countries, America, New Zealand and Bangladesh. However, I do show how exploitation of both the poor and the intelligent was wrongfully permitted.

My book shows that on 10 Dec 2008 the UN created a new globally dominant ideology I call neoliberal absolutism. The ‘fake’ global media did not report it. I found it more by accident than design when following the progress of a human rights instrument at the UN from 2004 to 2008. I consider neoliberal absolutism, which is obviously the ideology for a One World Government, is evil because people would not be able to think for themselves or even have a conscience of their own.

Neoliberal absolutism rebalanced global ideological and economic power from the West to the Rest and I show it was the real cause of the Global Financial Crisis 2008. It determines the decline of the West and global freedom in preparation for a form of totalitarianism to dominate States required for the UN’s One World Government Agenda (New World Order). To my knowledge my book although published in America is in no American library and it took 2 ½ yrs to get one copy in New Zealand libraries. I believe I have been blacklisted as I have not been able to discuss my research findings with the numerous academics I have contacted.It was the great majority of States which ensured the human rights omissions to create neoliberal absolutism. The major dissent at the UN came from America although it had some support from the American camp, Canada, Britain, Australia and Japan. It is obvious to me that the left so-called liberals (Democrats in America and the Labour Party in New Zealand) are promoting the UN’s OWG agenda for the benefit of the establishment. In my view, they want total control over the population.

The human rights omissions are determined by the great majority of States in the UN General Assembly who seek the destruction of western civilization e.g. genius, and, in my view, in the ultimate, as mad as it seems, the destruction of civilization itself. (see my article on my blog, ‘Become backward or take society forward’).The solution to many of the major problems faced by humanity is to include the omitted human rights which the ethical human rights (see below) I promote does. To include the human rights omissions requires targeting the United Nations and human rights organizations, such as human rights commissions, Amnesty etc. and demanding the inclusion of the omitted human rights.The human rights omissions aim to eliminate creativity including, in my personal opinion, God who I regard as the creative force or genius within. In my view, eliminating creativity determines the decline of western civilization and global freedom. I do not think I could have finished my two books without God’s help because I was in poverty and worse virtually throughout.

Despite their previous virtual complete lack of interest I have invited many academics to attend this discussion. While I have never been afraid of them they have obviously been afraid of me because they have virtually completely ignored my research findings. Despite my work being verifiable with sources provided.In my view, today’s world can be likened to the pre-second world war period when George Orwell (1946) described the totalitarian mind-set of the intellectuals of his day in his article, ‘The Prevention of Literature’. He added that ‘a bought mind is a spoiled mind’ and he stated: “But what is sinister… is that the conscious enemies of liberty are those to whom liberty ought to mean most. The big public do not care about the matter one way or the other. They are not in favour of persecuting the heretic, and they will not exert themselves to defend him. They are at once too sane and too stupid to acquire the totalitarian outlook. The direct, conscious attack on intellectual decency comes from the intellectuals themselves” (Orwell G. (1946)).

.The chapter on the UN shows that the omitted rights in what could be called the UN’s ‘hidden’ collectivist agenda, often described as communist, are:1/ The right to individual self-determination (included in Art 22, UDHR) was omitted. This is the seeking of truth, hopes and dreams sometimes depicted by the iconic American superhero. Domestically I see the left so-called liberals promote the UN’s collectivist agenda, which is often regarded as communist, for the benefit of the swamp, including many on the right-wing of politics who support the corporations. The UN’s collectivist agenda is most clearly seen in international human rights law where in Part 1, Article 1 in both the UN covenants individual self-determination, which is included in the declaration, has been replaced by collective self-determination, which is not included in the declaration.2/ The omission of property rights (Art 17(1), UDHR) enables the plan of “The Great Reset” described by the World Economic Forum (WEF) which aims to bring sweeping changes to the world. The WEF states that in the Great Reset: “You will own nothing, and you will be happy.”Also excluded is non-discrimination with respect to intellectual property as well as duties to the community (Art 29(1), UDHR). The latter omissions allow the elites to regard human rights as their own intellectual property while having no duty to inform the public of human rights omissions and important human rights truth. 3/ Also excluded are the State’s core minimum obligations with respect to economic, social and cultural rights (mostly covering Art 23 to 27, 29 UDHR i.e there is no socio-economic bottom-line which permits extreme poverty and exploitation. As a result international human rights law permits exploitation. The failure of economic, social and cultural rights to protect against exploitation meant that China, in particular, was able to exploit its vast workforce and continue to have the competitive advantage over the west. Also, corporations realized they could relocate to countries with cheap labor without fear that exploitation would be prohibited. I consider the latter was the real cause of the Global Financial Crisis of 2008 which impacted by far the worse on the European Union. I consider neoliberal absolutism also portends a global slave economy. In my view, growth would be based on exploitation rather than creativity.The UN’s ‘hidden’ collectivist agenda seeks to promote collectives, including totalitarian and repressive States while also seeking to cultural cleanse the world of individual self-determination which, put simply, aims to culturally cleanse the world of genius (and, in my personal view, God!). People can visibly see the dominance of the collectives in society. While ideally all individuals in the collectives are meant to have freedom of thought, conscience and expression in reality they are controlled by the collective which follow ideology e.g. neoliberalism and globalization, while the mainstream media acted as their collective voice.I consider with the creation of neoliberal absolutism the West would be fully justified in boycotting the UN until the UN’s ‘hidden’ collectivist agenda is removed. The collectivist agenda involves major violations of the Universal Declaration which States are required to uphold under the UN Charter (see below). However, although I have tried hard over the past two years countries, Including America, refuse to fully challenge the UN head on.

Initially some of the major support for ethical human rights was as follows: Save the Children with 415, 226 followers. Save the Children describes itself as the leading independent organization creating lasting change for children in need in the United States and around the world. The support appeared on the internet as follows:@SavetheChildren ethical human rights, development, globalization to replace neo liberalism, anthony ravlich’s blog, guerilla media 13 Mar 12The Official Twitter account of the United Nations has 930,135 followers. It posted:@UN ethical human rights, development and globalization to replace neo liberalism, anthony ravlich, 13 Mar 12The following is the official U.S. Department of State twitter. It has 302,030 followers. It stated:@StateDept ethical human rights, development and globalization to replace neo liberalism, anthony ravlich, 13 Mar 12The following was from the Official Twitter account of the White House Open Government Initiative which has 484,120 followers:@OpenGov ethical human rights, development and globalization to replace neo liberalism, anthony ravlich, 13 Mar 12The Hill is a congressional newspaper that publishes daily when Congress is in session. It has 248,804 followers:@thehill ethical human rights, development and globalization to replace neo liberalism, anthony ravlich, 13 Mar 12Further support for ethical human rights can be found in the article, ‘ New idea for a better world’ (Scoop NZ, 25/07/2012).Despite all my attempts the mainstream media refused to inform the public of the support for ethical human rights.During the above talk/discussion I will describe social class discrimination (see my book) which has an enormous, far reaching impact on society, in my view, much worse than racism in today’s world, but very rarely talked about.I consider because of the gross deceit of the UN it cannot be trusted to preside over a One World Government. Ethical human rights, which emphasizes sovereignty, promises to replace neoliberal absolutism I,e the OWG. In the chapter on New Zealand I describe the low cunning and gross deceit of the leadership at the time of the creation of the NZ Bill of Rights Act 1990 which, like the UN, had a far greater impact than people were led to believe. I made two court appearances after making stands on principle and described the gross human rights violations of the NZ government but the mainstream media refused to inform people of the reasons for my court appearances.Even though I am convinced totalitarianism can be avoided New Zealanders may have to experience virtual total control to discover what it is like.(The following has been well hidden on the internet, ‘ Suppressed author exposes UN agenda’ Oct 19, 2018.

‘And the people bowed and prayed to the neon god they made’.

My comment on a reaction to the Sound of Silence by Disturbed: The earlier version was sung in easier times. The above version reflected far more draconian times.

Those very low on the social scale were treated with viciousness and cruelty (see my book which I have made free on my blog). But people do not want to know about it.

In New Zealand very many intelligent white males fled the country and those who did not often ended up in the mental health and criminal justice system. I was one of those affected and was convinced no one was meant to survive the ordeal with their sanity intact and able to articulate what happened (I thank God I survived it). Of course they would not want to hear from me – how could they win. I experienced it.

On a matter of principle I did make a court appearance and told the Judge many had been crushed and isolated and he agreed with me. I said it was due to social class discrimination but also the people’s love of money blinded them to the truth.

Very largely those who regard themselves as ‘woke’ executed State policies. It is why cancel culture is so viciously cruel because the ‘victims’ were unable to defend themselves because the mainstream media used social class discrimination to exclude their voices.

For very many years I experienced a form of totalitarianism so know very well what I am opposing. Perhaps after watching the above song people may gain some insights into what happened without having to live it, see the video The Sound of Silence, P.S. I will be holding a meeting at Old Government House, Auckland University, on Wednesday 28 April at 2.30. I hope to write an article closer to the date which will describe what I will be talking about. Essentially my research shows that most of our major problems stem from human rights omissions in International Human Rights Law. I will be inviting academics, students and some on social media etc. Since promoting human rights in 1991 I refused to be silenced.