The major problems we face are human rights issues.

Concerning the video UK and Global Lawful Rebellion Against Treason and Sedition, I wanted to show that the problems we face are human rights issues. Not that money is not important but following the money will not lead them to the truth. People have been well and truly indoctrinated over the past 30 years and there are really major problems which they will have to face in order to see the truth. The enormous gross deceit they have been subjected to means I am sympathetic towards those the followed the money in fact I consider they did the best they could under the circumstances. Having sought the truth since 1984 I understand only too well what people were faced with. To understand the dominant elite you have to be a psychopath but still manage to retain your soul. Understanding the enemy is very important otherwise you would hate them. Rather I pity them. And believe it or not I get on well with them e.g. academics, embassy staff.etc. because I just tell the truth. Many would know it already so they accept me but I would not want to mix with them. I would not want to disrupt my certain inner peace which I have earned.

UK and Global Lawful Rebellion Against Treason and Sedition.

All New Zealanders should watch this video, UK and Global Lawful Rebellion Against Treason and Sedition, While I am not an expert on the Magna carter or the UK bill of rights to my knowledge they still exist as part of our imperial laws inherited from the UK. What this gentleman is saying does not at all surprise me because I have been telling people for many years that the global elites have manipulated the Universal Declaration of Human Rights to suit their interests (it is invariably reflected in national constitutions, including the NZ bill rights) of.The UN wants a OWG which promotes totalitarianism so the aim is to eradicate individual freedom of thought and expression in all countries. A fake left promotes the UN’s OWG agenda for the benefit of the whole establishment. The mass media and even the internet aim to create mass confusion so people do not know where to turn to be saved. The ancestors born of very hard times knew exactly what it was about – remember the national anthem ‘God save New Zealand’. In my view, it was written for times such as these, see my blog, It may take a miracle to save NZ (and the world) from the OWG but with God involved even miracles can happen.PS. I realize how much money is needed by people but just take a slightly different view – that it is the rules (i.e. human rights) which determine the huge gap between rich and poor. Even if the 1% were removed today they would be replaced by another 1% tomorrow simply because the rules permit it – the important question to be asked is who makes the rule!!!???

The Truth Found.

THE TRUTH FOUND. I am a human rights author (2 books), activist, and outsider (28yrs) from Auckland, New Zealand. I began seeking truth in 1984 and very strongly believe I found it. It is a human rights truth but all that people really need to know. Many people may think it impossible to find the truth but overlook the fact that someone in unique circumstances can. It is important that people know it is possible just as it is important that people know Bannister ran a sub-4-minute mile or that Hillary conquered Everest. Otherwise people would regard it as impossible. The human rights truth is spelled out in my last book published in America in early 2017. It has chapters on the United Nations, Bangladesh, and a huge section on New Zealand. I have made numerous posts since 2017 telling people that I have found the human rights truth but I do not seem to be getting through to people (see my blog, Because the human rights truth has been found it is now known what needs to be done to resolve our major problems. I give human rights solutions. People can ring me without giving their name and I will tell them my research findings and answer questions. My landline is (09) 9409658. Don’t ring me on the internet as I am rarely dressed appropriately and also do not email me as I am taking things far easier and I am very unlikely to reply. While I think it will take a miracle to save NZ from the worst because of my ethical human rights plan I do have some hope in future generations.

The EU should adopt ethical human rights.

My PostScript on a German website: PS. If the EU adopted ethical human rights they would only hold States to account for extreme violence and extreme poverty. Higher levels of human rights would be determined by the democratic process within States i.e.State would have considerable sovereignty and could protect themselves from a EU following the OWG agenda of the UN. It would be apparent to anyone who has read my book that the gross deceit and low cunning of the UN means it would be ludicrous to allow them to preside over a OWG. But am I still talking to myself? Do you know anyone else in the world who claims to have found the human rights truth!!!???

My ethical plan for New Zealand and the world.

On the Vinny Eastwood show I was asked what is my ethical plan: Anthony Ravlich, Thanks for asking me. Ethical human rights require that all States ensure at least the core minimums of all the rights in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.Ethical human rights are firmly based on universal human rights truth as exists in the UDHR, Because all human rights are included ethical human rights would replace what presently exists – a number of human rights omissions which ensure neoliberalism, globalization and neoliberal absolutism which is the ideology of a one world government i.e. ethical human rights would rid the world of a OWG. The present human rights omissions have determined the decline of western civilization and global freedom. New Zealand bill of rights 1990 omits near half the human rights in the UDHR. I propose an ethical bill of rights. The present bill of rights is driven by bureaucrats behind closed doors – if your human rights were omitted you were overlooked. Some obvious examples are children’s and family rights which were omitted in the bill of rights and as a consequence there are high levels of child poverty and family violence. The bill of rights also gave affirmative action for professional women and Maori which allowed intelligent white males to be overlooked leading to a mass exodus of the best and brightest overseas resulting in the severe dumbing down of New Zealand. Those who did not escape the country often ended up in the mental health and criminal justice systems. Now when NZ needs the best and brightest the most – because they are often the most articulate – the State can easily remove freedoms in preparation for the forthcoming OWG. The former is all explained in great detail in my recent book – see my blog, outsiderethicalhumanrights. I have made constant posts since my book was published in 2017 and it has been mind-numbing for me that it has been virtually ignored. It has also been severely suppressed e.g. although published in America to my knowledge it is in no American library – also while I had no trouble getting my first book accepted by NZ libraries it took 2 1/2 years before I could NZ libraries to accept a copy my second book (it is in the Birkenhead library, a friend paid for it). Wrt NZ I hold Sir Geoffrey Palmer (architect of the bill and PM at the time) and Helen Clark (deputy the time) to account.If ethical human rights were fought for it would result in a far better New Zealand and world.Just because people were unable to find the human rights truth it does not mean that no one else could because of their unique circumstances.

I consider Facebook has been taken over by evil.

My comment on the Vinny Eastward show: In my view, Facebook has been taken over by evil. It is the OWG agenda of the UN. In my recent book (has been severely suppressed) I describe in detail the creation of neoliberal absolutism on 10 December 2008. I see Neoliberal Absolutism as the ideology of an OWG. I regard the latter ideology as evil because people would not be able to think for themselves or even have a conscience of their own. The book also describes in detail the low cunning and gross deceit of the UN which makes any pretentions of presiding over an OWG as ludicrous (see my blog,