Following the truth can lead to a certain inner peace.

My further comment on Schizophrenia support: One thing that is available to people even when poor is libraries. There is almost sure to be some book you like. It is even possible with interloan to turn yourself into an expert on some subject. Doing the latter I turned myself into an expert on ethical human rights and have written two books. To most people I am a victim because I remain poor and get little recognition, in fact I am blacklisted. But I do not regard myself as a victim because I am very proud of what I have achieved because I found the human rights truth which is all people need to know to understand many of the major problems we face in the world. But this will take time because I am before my time. But I can say very forcefully that ‘the truth is out there’. But most importantly I have retained my soul and by following the truth (e.g. rather than the money) I have a certain inner peace.

The Psychopathology of the Victim classes.

The following is my response to a comment on Schizophrenia fellowship: Thanks Gillian. One needs to understand the psychopathology of the dominant elite in most countries (although this is slowly changing e.g. America, Britain, E.Europe). They (a left social class) regard themselves as victims and align themselves with victims e.g. many women, including feminists, and radical blacks (Maori in New Zealand). The latter are vindictive and want to create victims. They want to teach creative, intelligent people what it is like to be victims. Members of the left social class had to conform to ideology but intellectuals are meant to seek truth and achieve greatness i.e. reach their full potential, and being unable to do this they regard themselves as victims and want others, even geniuses, to experience what it is like. Like termites, they have infested all aspects of society over the past 30 years since the onset of neoliberalism and globalization. I think it will take time for people to see this.

The targeting of intelligent, white males, for exclusion.

Even since I have known David he has maintained that he does not have a mental illness yet he is subject to a compulsory treatment order and regularly has injections to treat what psychiatrists regard as his mental illness. David has an Honours Degree in Law and in early March, 2020, he will be appearing in court based in the mental health unit at Auckland Public Hospital. His lawyer has asked me to provide a letter in his support which I have done (see below) however I am not sure how much of it the Judge will see because his lawyer in response to the following stated:  “ I have extracted from it what I regard as most helpful to David and have drafted a statement.”

I decided to post this on the internet primarily because I have had a duty to inform people of important human rights truths since I began promoting human rights in 1991 but also because I think it would be helpful to others who are or have been involved with the mental health system. I would appreciate any feedback.

But first you might like to watch a fantastic song by Kelly Clarkson, ‘People like us’, . She describes how we are living in a ‘world of fire’. The demonic force a number experience can be seen as part of this ‘world of fire’.

To the Presiding Judge:

I have known David for about 18 years and regard him as a friend. He has often attended meetings of the Human Rights Council (New Zealand, 2001) of which I am the chairperson. I am a human rights author (two books), activist and outsider (28 years).

In relation to David’s court appearance his lawyer Anthony Rogers has asked me to comment on whether David poses a ‘serious danger’ to himself and others and whether he ‘seriously’ lacks the ability to take care of himself.

From my experience David does not fall into either of these categories. In fact, I am impressed by his ability to relate well to those members of the underclass who because of his circumstances he has little choice but to associate with. I have found David invariably presents well and on occasions I have visited David in his accommodation in downtown Auckland City. It has always been tidy.

I am sure my observation of David is also shared by his other friends who I know well.

The question is why do our observations differ so enormously from the mental health professionals? The latter’s perception of David seems very largely subjective as to my knowledge they offer no proof that David poses a serious danger to himself or others or that he cannot take care of himself.

Furthermore, I have had much involvement with the mentally ill in the community. In the early 1990’s I was chairperson (for one year) of Psychiatric Survivors Inc., Auckland.

Also, I consider the research findings of my recent book to be very relevant to David’s case. The book is ‘Ethical Human Rights: Freedom’s Great Hope’ (American Academic Press, published early 2017). It is selling on Google Books and Amazon and there is a copy in NZ libraries. In the book I show how ‘intelligent, white males from a western culture’ have been targeted for exclusion. It led to a mass exodus of the ‘best and brightest’ from New Zealand while I consider many who remained ended up in the mental health and criminal justice systems. I show how this reflects a United Nation’s agenda and I go into great detail how the New Zealand Bill of Rights Act 1990 helped fulfil this UN agenda. I also describe how after making a stand on principle I appeared in the Auckland High Court where I informed the Judge, Lynn Stevens, of a New Zealand tragedy where many at the bottom of the social scale had been ‘crushed and isolated’. I also presented the Judge with relevant social statistics. Judge Lynn Stevens agreed with me asking why I had not informed New Zealanders early. However, I was one of those victims and I was convinced no one was meant to survive the ordeal with their sanity intact and able to articulate what had happen. It took much time before I could properly explain what had taken place.

The above is relevant to David’s case because, in my view, he was one of those targeted for exclusion. It also explains why our observations of David differ so enormously from the mental health professionals, specifically the psychiatrists, who are obviously following government policy. It is early days yet and it is likely to take some time for people to understand what happened to many New Zealanders since New Zealand adopted neoliberalism and globalization in 1984. However, it is all described in my book. I am particularly concerned at the side effects of David’s medication which seem quite serious.

Yours sincerely,

Anthony Ravlich MA, BSc, Dip Crim (Hons)


Human Rights Council (New Zealand)

10D/15 City Rd.,

Auckland City.

Ph: (09) 9409658.

I asked was Brexit really necessary but I am blacklisted.

Blacklisted: throughout my promotion of ethical human rights I have been kept extremely isolated by academics and the global establishment despite my writing two books on the subject and the initial remarkable support on the internet for ethical human rights including the US State Department, Open Democracy Initiative of the White House, even the United Nations itself and others including Save the Children (US).

Ethical human rights require that States ensure at least all the core minimum of the rights in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights i.e. both civil and political rights and economic, social and cultural rights.

The latter are promoted by Bernie Sanders and provide a bigger picture than the American constitution. I consider the latter rights ensure a duty of care for all people and provide an enlightened welfare so America will never again be able to oppress half its population. An enlightened welfare because it is coupled with the American constitution e.g. freedom of speech, cannot be described as socialism as many socialist countries lack freedom of speech.

Economic, social and cultural rights will also mean America will take a global lead in human rights as I consider moral authority i.e. being in the right, is more important than military and economic might. The great majority of States have ratified the covenant on economic, social and cultural rights whereas America has not.

In my view, the major concern of the global establishment is that ethical human rights is firmly based on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights so is universal (for all i.e. equal rights so therefore fair) and would eliminate ideology such as neoliberalism and globalization which very strongly favours elites and oppresses the rest of the population.

If the UN adopted ethical human rights it would only hold States accountable for ensuring the core minimum of all the rights in the UDHR leaving States considerable sovereignty to determine higher levels of human rights. For example, States may be required to have a duty of care to some core minimum of refugees but anything in excess of this will be determined by the State itself. All States would have such a duty of care so not leaving it to some States e.g. the European Union.

Brexit while giving Britain greater sovereignty than being in the EU will still mean that ideology created at the UN will allow elites to be capable of dominating and oppressing at least half of the population as it has done in New Zealand.

That I have been blacklisted exposes the moral corruption of the global establishment which should support me given I am promoting universal human rights truth which the UN claims as its authority and the UN Charter requires that all States uphold the UDHR which is based on universal human rights truth.

I sent the following to the Honorary Consul of the Germany in Auckland as well as academics in Ireland and Scotland countries which were less supportive of Brexit but I received no response.

Dear Erich Bachmann,

I am a human rights author (two books), activist and outsider (28 years) from Auckland, New Zealand. I would like to discuss with you the possibility of gaining the German government’s support for my plan to write a book on the European Union’s adoption of ethical human rights.

I do not think Brexit would have happened if the EU had adopted the ethical human rights I promote.

Ethical human rights simply require that all countries ensure, at least, the core minimums of all the rights in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (the UN Committee on economic, social and cultural rights has determined many of the core minimums of economic, social and cultural rights).

If the EU adopted ethical human rights it would only hold countries to account for ensuring these core minimums leaving States with considerable sovereignty for determining higher levels of human rights.

For many years I have regularly posted on a German website. As you can see from my recent post (see below) I consider it very important that those countries which historically have encouraged thinking for oneself and speaking one’s mind stick together.

The latter is particularly important because as my recent book shows the UN is promoting the rise of totalitarian and repressive States which emphasize obedience which, in my view, would result in the decline of civilization.

I also sent my recent post describing genius from Germany – see ‘Become backward or take society forward’ on my blog, .

Tribalism – Aborigine and Maori – its easier to blame the 'Whites'.

My comment on All News from New Zealand discussing Maori tribalism: Anthony Ravlich Australia is having the same problem with Aborigine tribalism as in NZ with Maori. See closing the gap is complete rubbish, my recent book shows that behind it all is a left social class which I regard as a death cult. They promote tribalism because they are very tribal themselves. By promoting tribalism they are following a UN agenda that seeks the decline in western civilization and global freedom which, in my view would lead to the decline of civilization itself. What is so despicable about the UN agenda is that it keeps many backward and unable to help themselves e.g. challenge their leadership which oppresses them e.g. treats many as outcasts. Instead, they blame the whites because, in my view, it is easier to do so. They are too afraid to challenge their own leadership – such is tribalism. Leaders that oppress you do not deserve such Aroha.

Eminent activist calls for a human rights revolution.

Eminent Human rights activist calls for a human rights revolution. Shulamith Koenig, the recipient of the 2003 UN prize in human rights and founder of a major NGO, PDHRE, describes the need for a human rights revolution. The following is part of a discussion I had with her on Facebook:

Anthony Ravlich

Thanks for trying anyway. I have a duty to inform people of important human rights truths and they do not. My book describes how they regard human rights as their intellectual property and as having no duty to inform people. We now live in a world of deceit. I think they will have to accept responsibility for whatever happens.

9:05 AM

Shulamith Koenig

This is why I speak about a human rights revolution!!
Too much disconnected informational of who we are as human beings!
As often loneliness and the need to belong (Alfred Adler ) allows manipulation and distorts moral judgement

Anthony Ravlich

They have succeeded in keeping my book hidden from people . Even if I break the law they succeed in ensuring my reasons are not told to people. I would do youtube videos but they have succeeded, I believe, in ensuring for about 2 1/2 yrs I have not received in receiving my inheritance after my father’s death. They seem to have thought of everything. If I could speak to the UN General Assembly I would. While the odd person on social media is supportive they have made sure that the population has little knowledge of human rights by failing to fund section 5a of the Human Rights Act which requires that people be educated in human rights. All I can do is wait and hope an opportunity arises. The human rights estab and academia are all ideologically controlled. And yes it would be a revolution. At present I hate that countries are being deliberately kept backward by crushing the potential of people. I think we need some luck on our side. As far as I am concerned I found the human rights truth and the rest is really up to people I cannot get an AK47 and attack parliament or the UN so now I just take it much easier. It could take a third world war or nuclear war before they address the situation which I regard as dire. All the best

Impeachment is a sham!!! Why is my book being kept hidden from Americans???

My tweet. Impeachment is a sham!!! Why is my book (pub early 2017 in America) still being kept hidden from Americans? I regard Democrats as a death cult and the closest to the evil that exists in the county. See my blog, In addition: I regard Bernie Sanders who promotes economic, social and cultural rights as the only genuine left candidate.